Friday, August 10, 2007

Earn Money Online! ~Words Of W1zDom~

Welcome to my
Earn Money Online!
~Words Of W1zDom~

As always when doing Internet research, remember that some sites, blogs or forum discussions are individual "opinions", and not always "solid fact", so keep your 'reality-filters' engaged as you go!

1. Remember...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably ISN'T true!"
You can find some help about 'scams' HERE
3. Many of these Survey "offers" require purchases or submission of credit card information. Use discretion! Another trick I've learned is to "Google" the site name to see what comes up. Sometimes, it's quite "enlightening".
These "Writing Sites" are looking for quality content. Some accept only written work, others accept music (mp3's), photos, videos, etc.
I suggest thorough review of the "minimum payout" levels, as PTC sites take time to build up significant amounts.
NOTE: See June 11, 2007 update (scroll down). You'll see that I failed to follow my own advice on this!
All the products I've chosen to "promote" are for topics, practices, ideas and ideals that I feel strongly about, and feel comfortable promoting. I cannot speak for the "value" of the product, so please use your own 'best judgement' if you decide to follow through for any purchases and/or other commitments.
Before signing on with (or ANY site, for that matter!), be sure to read the "terms" and "FAQ's". In the "terms" they say the minimum payout must be met, but to learn what that is, we must go to the "FAQ" section. Currently,'s minimum payout is at $125 (June 12, 2007)-see terms, click HERE. For FAQ's, click HERE.
This does not mean that won't pay (I don't know if they do or not...and I'm wondering how many folks have kept on with them long enough to find out!) It just means that in order to GET paid, one must participate in full scale effort (i.e., click on an awful lot of emails and build a significant working 'downline') before they'll see anything at all! I've sent a "contact us" query about this 'scam' tactic; if I hear back, I'll certainly post the info here.
LESSONS LEARNED: ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS! I even advise about this very thing in some of the other "Words of W1zDom" on this site! So, why didn't I do it? I made the stupid mistake of rushing into signup, of course!
I've removed links from this site.
I'm also revisiting the other sites I've linked to here for their "terms", and I'm updating that info in their respective sections on this page.
" Camel-Mails" minimum payout for "free members" is set at "spend cash $250,000"!
"3-Dollar-Mail" minimum payout for "free members" is set at "spend cash $10,000"!
"Gold PTR" minimum payout is set at $400,000!
Note: Clearly these cannot be actual (US) dollar values! I'm not sure just what they DO represent, but it would be virtually impossible to reach these payout levels, as it would take years, unless one spent day & night building referral and affiliate downlines who are also willing to work their butts off!
Unfortunately, I cannot provide links here to bring you to the info that explains all this in these sites; apparently it's only visible once you become a member, login, and click on "Request Payout". How convenient!
I have attempted to "contact" these sites via their "contact" link. I rather doubt I'll hear back from them, but I'll certainly share their replies if I do! Meanwhile, I've removed those links from this site, as I do not want to promote "scams".
Keep in mind that "mass e-mailing" has certain legal restrictions regarding "spamming", etc., and only those who you know will not mind receiving them should be on your lists until you learn how to "safely" include others (i.e., "opt-in", etc.). It's a good idea to visit some of the websites that offer mass e-mail tools and assistance to learn how they work, what some of the restrictions are, and how to work within the rules.
Here's a few that may help

Constant Contact